About Us

TizenX (pronounced tea-zen-x for our international friends) is the youth organization of the Momentum Movement. Our goal is to bring the spirit of the European Union and the 21st century to Hungary, in order to build a better country. Our organization of more than 500 members is present throughout Hungary with 30 local chapters, all working towards a Hungary where we can all feel at home.

The Mission of TizenX

We do not accept that we have no say in our own future. We do not want politicians, of the last generation controlling what we learn without us having a say. We do not believe find it just, that the success of young Hungarians is better defined by their place of birth than their abilities. This is why we created TizenX.

We want to find and implement solutions, not just whine about the problems, our local chapters are working thoroughly for a country worth living in. Our further mission is to teach ourselves how to behave in a democracy: to be willing to discuss, debate, and question each other’s points of view. We are most importantly a community, that represents a 21st century, European future of Hungary.

TizenX in the World

TizenX is a proud member of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) and the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY). LYMEC represents a liberal and progressive agenda in Europe as the youth movement connected to the ALDE party and the Renew Europe fraction. IFLRY is pursuing similar goals on a global stage alongside its mother organization, the Liberal International. We find it crucial to represent the Central- and Eastern-European point of view in these organizations and to warn our fellow democrats about the danger of illiberalism, as we see it in Hungary. We are committed to protecting minority rights, including the Hungarian Roma and LGBTQ community, and pursuing an agenda of digital security.